Qvidian Unveils First-of-its-Kind Integration with Microsoft Office 365

January 24, 2018 3 minute read

Team Qvidian

RFP and Proposal Automation Software Enhanced to Further Streamline the Proposal Content Management Process

CHELMSFORD, MASS. – October 12, 2017 – Qvidian, the leading provider of cloud-based RFP and proposal automation software, today announced a significant update to its flagship solution: an integration with Microsoft Office 365. This first-of-its-kind integration enables content reviewers and subject matter experts to simultaneously edit RFP and proposal content in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. As content moves through reviewer workflows, Office 365 preserves formatting and styles, ensuring content fidelity, while automatic content syncing simplifies version control.

“Microsoft Office 365 integration is a game-changing advantage for my content team,” said Jo Berridge, sales support operations manager at MHR, a specialist provider of software and outsourcing services for HR, talent management, payroll and business intelligence. “Keeping thousands of articles up-to-date on our different modules and software offerings is a monumental challenge that this update reduces to a few clicks. This new workflow will save us a considerable amount of time that we can re-invest in perfecting the content itself.”

To help content managers proactively update libraries with the latest approved content, Qvidian is also releasing full-circle content submissions. When working on RFP responses, proposal teams often spend days guiding new content through approvals. Too often, when a project is completed, this new content is lost. With full-circle content submissions, teams can stop recreating the wheel by flagging new RFP content in Qvidian, so managers can review and add the content into their company library.

“By strengthening our content workflows and integrating with Microsoft Office 365, we’ve made it even easier for proposal teams and subject matter experts to contribute to RFPs and proposals in a highly efficient and secure way,” said Lewis Miller, CEO, Qvidian. “These enhancements demonstrate Qvidian’s commitment to being on the cutting edge of innovation. We’ve aligned our software solution with the essential platforms many of our enterprise clients use today, or plan to use in the very near future.”

Large enterprises in various industries use Qvidian to automate their proposal and RFP response projects. Beyond streamlining content review and management process, these latest upgrades also strengthen administrator-defined reviewer workflows. Documenting and enforcing reviewer workflows is critical in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare and financial services, which often face strict legal, compliance and auditing requirements.

With this latest release, Qvidian has taken another step in automating the manual and time-consuming processes that were once inherent to answering RFPs and creating proposals. Office 365 integration is available to Qvidian customers now, while full-circle content submissions and other enhancements will be available in November.


About Qvidian
Qvidian is the premier provider of cloud-based RFP and Proposal automation software, helping more than 1,000 companies worldwide and 200,000 users win more business with better processes, improved productivity and more effective sales documents. Qvidian offers the only proposal automation solution fit for an enterprise, offering security, compliance and simplicity at scale. Passionate about helping clients build persuasive sales content and win more business, Qvidian also offers expert advisory services and community building opportunities to its global client base.

Jenna Gilligan, Version 2.0 Communications for Qvidian
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