Making the impossible possible: What we heard at ILTACON 2023

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The Upland team always looks forward to ILTACON. We attend this premier legal technology event every year without fail, and each year we’re excited to meet up with old friends, connect with new faces, and be a part of the hustle and bustle of the week. Keep reading for everything you missed from Upland at ILTACON.

Upland at ILTACON 2023: A Whirlwind Week 

Going into this year’s event, we had more than ever to celebrate. Upland BA Insight announced the release of SmartHub 6.0, we were eager to chat about the implications of AI for legal teams. The Upland team was honored to be included in two live speaking sessions: Jason McCullagh spoke during the “Enterprise Search- Reality or the Unicorn” panel session on Monday, and Kim Stein shared her decades of expertise during her session “Boost Your Process Efficiency – Leveraging Data to Adapt New and Existing Processes” on Wednesday. Finally, we had the opportunity to introduce Ken Salaz, Tuesday’s mystifying keynote speaker and illusionist, who shared “How to Bring the Impossible to Your Work.” 

What seemed impossible just a few years ago has become reality through technology. In the last three months, how many times have you heard the words AI or Chat GPT? At Upland, we are razor-focused on applying technology to solve real legal business challenges, whether you need to find information or get it to the right people. Together, we’re making the “impossible” happen every day, and we’re committed to continuing that mission.


The Hot Topics at ILTACON 2023

So what WAS the buzz at this year’s event? Read on to hear firsthand what we saw, heard, and spoke with attendees about at the conference. 

  • Generative AI was part of just about every conversation, session, keynote, booth chat. But, the level of depth of the conversation varied greatly from those riding the wave to a few who had something of substance to say. We talked with customers and prospects who are grappling with how to bring AI behind their firewall so they don’t compromise their intellectual property. 
  • Finding content is still a challenge facing staff in legal firms, hindering overall productivity. Many lawyers still report being dependent on keyword search to find information and case content, which doesn’t allow firms to fully harness leading edge technology to solve these challenges. Technology like conversational enterprise search powered by AI technology can replace keyword search to quickly and reliably uncover more relevant case-centric documents, statutes, and more while saving busy attorneys and legal staff time to dedicate to billable hours.
  • Many firms are evaluating their intranets and how they share information across the firm. In our conversations, we find that coupling enterprise search with an intranet refresh can greatly increase the effectiveness and relevancy of a new intranet infrastructure for all members of the firm. When firms are thinking about an Intranet refresh or redo, adding connectivity to all the firm’s silos of information and a Google-like search experience is a natural point of consideration.  
  • Finally, face to face events are back – in a big way! This year’s ILTACON was lively and engaging, with packed sessions and even more packed after hours events. The excitement was palpable; people were happy to be back in person and were taking advantage of every opportunity to mingle, network, and enjoy the time in balmy Orlando! 

The Big Picture: Why AI Search Matters 

  • Centralize your firm’s data
    AI-powered enterprise search streamlines and accelerates information retrieval across the organization. Creating a central gateway for personalized info. 
  • Enable employee productivity 
    AI search eliminates the wasted time and frustration that employees spend manually searching for information across the firm.   
  • Maximize returns on content 
    Help attorneys and legal teams find, and leverage content like case-centric information, precedents, laws, and firm-authored content effectively. Ensure content is being repurposed and can reach a wider audience. 
  • Make data accessible 
    AI-powered search aligns focus on optimizing data accessibility and the efficient flow of information across departments

Wrap Up

We’ve been working with legal firms for decades, and we know the pace of work is continuing to accelerate in our increasingly demanding digital era. But at Upland, we have the automation and enterprise search technology to help firms optimize their efficiency, unburden staff from tedious work, increase billable hours, improve client services, and frankly—just get more shit done. Firms need a software company they can partner with to make it happen, and we’re sincerely driven to deliver technology and work alongside you to optimize results, so you can take the word “impossible” out of your vocabulary. This is an era of possibility, fueled by AI and automation technology that can enhance the hard work you do every day and keep your firm ahead of the competition. 

Ready to book an AI roadmap session to dive into the details? Visit our Upland at ILTACON page to schedule time with us. 

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