RightAnswers, now powered by Solr, is paving the way for emerging search technology

March 15, 2023 2 minute read

Team Upland

Search has always been a core part of the investment Upland has placed in our RightAnswer’s product and user experience. This is evident in our latest RightAnswers release, which is powered by Solr, an open-source enterprise search platform.

The power of federated search continues to evolve as we add more connections from across the organization, ensuring knowledge is available in a single view for employees or customers, regardless of where it’s stored. By implementing Solr, RightAnswers has strengthened its search accuracy with improved Natural Language processing and faster search result retrieval times. These features and future upgrades are aligned with our commitment to delivering the best possible search experience for our users.

”Search technology is rapidly changing and our customers have high expectations of Upland because they know the value we can deliver for their business. They want personalization, greater intent awareness, and answers faster than ever before,” said Samantha Middlebrook, Director, Product Marketing of Contact Center Productivity solutions at Upland Software. “With Solr, we’re able to extend RightAnswers search capabilities with emerging technology that can outpace an ever-changing industry, which positions Upland in an exciting of growth.”

Features of RightAnswers’ latest release include:

  • Automatic Language translation – Designed for multi-lingual enterprises to fast track the creation of content into different languages. A new automatic translation workflow, allowing users to create bulk multilingual content instantly. Once a workflow is created it can automatically translate articles into the languages you specify.
  • RightAnswers X Admin Console Launch – An interface designed to give back the configuration control to our customers. System admins can now set up defined portal paths for quick mass deployment. The browser extension allows for new capabilities to be added outside of the standard development cycle. RAX allows us to evolve rapidly to meet our customer’s needs.

To learn more, visit www.uplandsoftware.com/RightAnswers or request a demo.

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