How to Create a Data Intelligence Strategy

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Law firms are fueled by information, but many don’t have a consolidated way to collaborate, review, or analyze the data they have. Some firms don’t even know how to effectively locate matter-centric data intelligence within their systems.

As new generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT, Microsoft CoPilot, and Google Bard are hitting the market, it is no longer just about your internal data, but also about how the data is created. Clients entrust your firm with their information, and having intelligence about their data and how it is connected is more crucial than ever. Legal staff sharing data with online query-answering and text-generating systems could be exposing confidential client information. Wouldn’t you consider that a liability to your firm?

Taking a data intelligence approach and having a consolidated way to tap into information across your systems can:

  • Give you the ability to ask questions of your data
  • Raise confidence in processes and procedures
  • Increase productivity and efficiency

Join Upland experts Sean Coleman and Kim Stein for our on-demand session as they share a step-by-step approach to establishing an effective data intelligence strategy.

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Meet our panel of experts

Sean Coleman

VP of Revenue

Sean is a technologist driven by his love of working with customers. At Upland, Sean leads the core revenue teams for the Upland Content Lifecycle Automation business unit with key focus areas such as customer acquisition, customer retention, and professional services. Sean is an expert at finding ways to provide value to Upland clients by implementing industry-leading technology that yields the most positive outcomes possible for their organization.

Kim Stein

Director of Legal Solutions

Kim has more than 30 years of experience in the legal market, and she is passionate about helping law firms navigate software solutions with a key focus on search, knowledge management, innovative legal technology, document automation, workflow tools, and complex services. Kim acts as a trusted advisor to Upland’s legal clients and enjoys sharing her deep knowledge of industry trends and the legal technology currently being implemented by law firms around the globe.

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