Modernizing enterprise search with hybrid index and search time merge

The BA Insight SmartHub Query Engine supports Federated Search, Single Index Search and Hybrid Search. Here are the highlights.

What is Federated search?

Federated search can be used to integrate disparate information resources within a single large organization or for the entire web. Users start by making a single search request. That search is then extended to various search engines and data sources included in the federation. From there, the federated search pulls all the results together, presenting them to the user. From a technology perspective, there are two approaches to search labeled as index-time merging, and query-time merging. But often, a hybrid approach is the best path.

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How BA Insight makes Query-Time and Index-Time merge intelligent with SmartHub

The BA Insight SmartHub Query Engine supports Federated, Single Index Search and Hybrid Search, where the solution is a combination of the two. It transforms a user’s query and broadcasts it to a group of disparate systems, each with its own index with the appropriate syntax.

It merges the results collected from the indexes, re-sorting them in a succinct and unified format, allowing the user to work within the returned merged result set using various tools. This powers organizations to go beyond the traditional single index approach, enabling the implementation of powerful enterprise search solutions that can integrate results from multiple search engines into a single, interleaved result. Users can effectively use any technology within the organization to obtain the best search results.

In this eBook, we cover all the information you need to know and provide a look at use case examples such as:

  • Purpose-driven indices
  • Geographic data restrictions
  • Supplementing cloud and multi-tenant applications
  • Personal use indices
  • Very large data sets – large data archives and purpose-built systems

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