BA Insight Modernizes Enterprise Search

We connect your employees with multiple enterprise systems to provide relevant, personalized search results to increase productivity and improve enterprise performance.

Implement powerful enterprise search to get more done.

Organizations are fueled by information, but it is often hidden in many disconnected business applications.

As a result, employees spend endless hours bouncing between applications, hunting for the right information they need to do their jobs. It’s a huge waste of time, and users often become frustrated with each application’s differing search experience.

Sounds familiar, right? Wouldn’t it be great if your employees had a single point of entry to all relevant content, experienced internet like search that delivers the right results, could link searches with smart answers regardless of where they are? We’re able to connect with experts to get ideas, advice and answers that help them accomplish their daily work, all without the cost and complexity of other potential solutions?

Sound Impossible? It’s not. And Upland BA Insight has you covered.

Our enterprise search software creates experiences that enable organizations to quickly connect employees to relevant, personalized, and actionable search results from one location.

BA Insight offers more than ninety connectors enabling employees to unlock siloed content and interleave it into a single set of search results. We combine AI technologies like natural language processing and machine learning along with rules based tagging to enrich content and deliver valuable insights.

Our modern user interface utilizes intuitive search controls such as relevancy tuning, refinement, and sorting, so users can experience personalized results.

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