Gen AI Your Way – Future Proofing your Tech Strategy

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Samantha Middlebrook Director, Product Management

Balancing Hype Vs Reality of Gen AI

Raise your hand if you’re feeling exhausted by the constant barrage of Generative AI product announcements. Gone are the days of long development cycles with new tech releases years apart. The pace of innovation is dizzying – if you’re struggling to keep up, you’re not alone.

Just this week, OpenAI launched GPT-4.0, the faster, cheaper multimodal generative AI model, promising to revolutionize customer service by synthesizing text, visuals, and voice. Extraordinary claims like these land with a boom…until the next wave of hype crashes over us.

This relentless pace is a stark reminder: In today’s AI whirlwind, rigidity equals obsolescence. The products and platforms comprising your tech stack must be interoperable and built for adaptation. A flexible, future-proofed strategy is essential to protect your AI investments from vaporizing with the next hype cycle.

Just Getting Started With AI

Let’s be real – separating the revolutionary from AI Washing has never been harder. Those splashy announcements demanding attention could be totally wrong for your company’s actual needs.

If you’re just dipping your toes into Generative AI, the hype probably has you more confused than excited. What can this tech really do? What are the risks? Where do I even start?

As Generative AI goes mainstream, a healthy dose of skepticism is normal. Leveraging a trusted partner committed to helping you navigate the AI waters is critical.

For Organisations Further Along In the AI Journey

If you’re an advanced AI adopter, you likely have a range of models and products in pilot or production already. But streamlining that fragmented landscape into a cohesive strategy is job #1.

How do you construct an AI roadmap flexible enough to absorb major new model releases? What about deploying your own proprietary models? You need an extensible architecture that allows you to mix and match open source and commercial models on your terms – in the cloud or locally – without reworking your entire stack every time.

3-Point Flexible AI Strategy for Your Contact Center and Knowledge Management

At Upland Software, our Gen AI strategy is built around a three-point plan that allows organizations to feel supported and enabled through their entire AI transformation journey – from novice to mature AI adopters:

The strategy allows organizations to choose the way Gen AI is integrated into their business:

  1. Open AI – Starts with open-source AI technology like OpenAI’s or Azure Open AI.
  2. Local AI Model – For security-minded customers who want to keep data within the Upland Eco-system, we offer a local AI model.
  3. Bring Your Own AI – Similar to when API platforms emerged, our “bring your own AI” option allows you to leverage AI models from all your tech investments harmoniously within your organizational workflows.

This flexible approach future-proofs your AI investment as models rapidly improve. You can easily switch to the latest, most accurate model without impacting end-users or ripping and replacing your entire tech stack.

Knowledge Management and Contact Center AI You Can Trust

The rapid pace of generative AI innovation is both exhilarating and daunting. As organizations navigate this whirlwind, a flexible and future-proofed AI strategy is crucial to protect investments and maintain a competitive edge. With Upland Software as your partner, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of leading contact center and knowledge management solutions, like RightAnswers and Panviva, powered by cutting-edge AI capabilities.

Our global team of dedicated experts is deeply passionate about tackling modern contact center & AI challenges. From robust development driving innovation to consulting services facilitating seamless transformations, Upland empowers organizations to excel in customer service.

Contact us to learn how our tailored knowledge management and contact center solutions can future-proof your AI investments.

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