RightAnswers 2021 – a year in review

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Stin Mattu Product Marketing Manager for Contact Center Products

As we get to the end of 2021 while thinking where has the year gone, many of us will be looking back to celebrate the successes of the year and think about how we can go into 2022 ready to do even greater things.

We feel the same, especially because we have been able to help our customers through yet another challenging year across the globe with no less than 89 enhancements that enhanced our existing best of breed capabilities. Here are some of the key additions.

Microsoft Teams integration

It’s been a tough couple of years for organizations who have had to adopt remote working. Part of the challenge has been how to support colleagues who are used to asking advice from their peers and sharing knowledge. With Microsoft Teams being at the forefront of internal communication channels for our customers, we developed the RightAnswers app for Teams which not only allows users to search for knowledge from within Teams but also share articles with colleagues in one to one or group chats.

microsoft teams integration

Improved search

Searching has always been one of our strongest features, being able to find relevant knowledge from any available repository or website and displaying all the results in one place. This year we have been working in the background to turbocharge our search capabilities and as we head into 2022, we have a stronger foundation to build more innovative features in our search.

Compliance Tracking

In my time working as a knowledge manager, one of the areas that stakeholders regarded as a priority was ensuring that important changes to information would land with the intended audiences.

With our new Compliance Tracking feature, authors now have an option enable an acknowledgement request when creating the article. Users will then see a notification to advice them there is a compliance article waiting to be read. At the top of the article, there is a banner with an acknowledgement button for them to click once they have read the article.

A new set of reports make it easier to track acknowledgements as well as the time spent on the article.

compliance tracking


We have worked with our customers throughout the year looking at their workflow use cases to find new ways to evolve the capabilities available.

These range from scheduling workflows to intelligently adapting to changes made to articles made to articles while they pass through multiple workflow chains.

For those instances where content need to be made available or removed at set times, our new future publish/unpublish automation functionality through the use of workflows means that you don’t have to log on at evening and weekends or even during the holiday season just to publish or unpublish.


Genesys integration

Along with the powerful search capabilities of RightAnswers, integrations are also at the heart of what we do. To add to the list of out of the box integrations that we provide, this year we have also launched an integration into Genesys Cloud which enables users to have access to the knowledge they need embedded right in their line of sight.

Whether the interaction is a voice call or via digital chat, RightAnswers embedded in Genesys Cloud will help agents focus on the interaction with their customer without the need to jump from screen to screen to find the information to resolve the query.

genesys integration

Rant&Rave integration

Knowledge is most effective when  organizations can make it available to their customers through self service. Customer feedback ensures that knowledge that is available to them is fit for purpose and acting on issues they raise with the content is essential.

To help with this, we have worked with our Upland colleagues over at Rant&Rave to create an integration that leverages the power of their sentiment analysis engine to truly capture the voice of the customer on self service article feedback.

Once feedback is submitted, the sentiment analysis engine scans the comment and colour codes key words both positive and negative to show the overall sentiment. Pre-defined terms that are considered threats will help teams handle any potential detriment by being able to correct the information and contact the customer to resolve their information.

rant&rave integration

Goodbye 2021…

If you would like more details on these or any other features that we have released this year, feel free to reach out to the team and we will be happy to discuss further. We look forward to bringing you more exciting features next year that will add to the power of Connected Knowledge, for now have a great holiday season and bring on 2022!

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