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Top 5 Reasons Why Chatbots Should Be Powered by Knowledge Management

The growing interest in chatbots has increased over the last several years. In fact, you have probably either implemented a chatbot for your support desk, in process of doing so or have it in your near-term plans. However, Gartner predicts that, “through 2020, 99% of artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives in IT service management will fail, due to the lack of an established knowledge management (KM) foundation.”

Watch this webinar with Kevin Sequeira, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Upland Software and Bertrand Lafforgue, CEO of Konverso as they share insights into:.

  • Why a conversational chat-based virtual agent like Kbot by Konverso adds value to your entire enterprise
  • The impact a Knowledge Management solution like Upland RightAnswers has on chatbots
  • Understanding that for chatbots to be a successful channel to your support desk they will need a powerful knowledge source. Without good and useful content, a chatbot is useless
  • Why leading enterprise organizations like Computacenter have selected Konverso’s Kbot powered by RightAnswers to improve the overall support experience
  • How these two solutions can be applied beyond the service desk to other departments such as human resources, professional services, and project management.

Learn why a powerful enterprise knowledge management system is essential for an effective virtual workforce. And how the integration of RightAnswers Knowledge Management and Konverso can help you get there.

Konverso’s Kbot integrates directly with Upland Software’s Knowledge Management System, RightAnswers. Out of the box, RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks provides more than 90,000 accurate knowledge solutions to issues covering more than 600 software applications. With this integration, Kbot begins the first day on the job with access to one of the most extensive knowledge bases on the market. To learn more, visit: https://www.konverso.ai/en/cognitives-knowledge-management/

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