White Paper

A Connected Knowledge-Strategy for the 2020s Enterprise

Author: Joe Mckendrick, KMWorld
Connect all your available knowledge sources and deliver relevant information where your users and customers need it most.

Knowledge workers today are expected to have all the information they need, at the moment they need it, to respond to customer and organizational needs immediately, but bringing all data and content into a single, centralized repository is a challenge.

Get your copy of the KMWorld Whitepaper sponsored by Upland RightAnswers that:

  • Uncovers how to provide a centralized view of all your knowledge – wherever it resides
  • Reveals how to deliver knowledge to users through any ITSM, CRM, or other enterprise software to provide stellar support experiences every time
  • Discovers how best-in-breed knowledge management and industry best practices can deliver consistent knowledge to your users
  • And more!


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