Activate Customer Advocates at Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

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The internet has made it easier for marketers to engage with customers at various stages of their journey.

In fact, 76% of marketers plan to produce more content this year. Yet, in spite of those numbers, over 70% of collateral generated by marketing is never used, and 65% of marketers are challenged when it comes to understanding which types of content are effective. Much of that challenge can be traced back to marketers who struggle to provide the right content, for the right people at the right time.

Upland RO Innovation is a central hub for all your business collateral

From product videos to brochures to eBooks to sales playbooks and more. Upland RO Innovation:

  • Promotes the right content at your team’s fingertips when they need it
  • Flexible content storage system that can easily pull content from anywhere in your organization
  • Increase content visibility and usage with a centralized content library, reducing time and effort for your team
  • Automate tracking of items like content effectiveness to assess revenue influence and ROI

Key Features of Upland RO Innovation

For many companies, sales and marketing content lives in all kinds of places: the company website, intranet, desktops and more. Upland RO is technology agnostic and centralizes all your content in one place by simply pointing to wherever it lives, saving your team time and increasing your efficiency. In addition to the standard Upland RO Innovation feature set, Upland RO Innovation also comes with the following:

Global Marketing Content Library

A centralized, searchable library of sales, marketing, and related business content assets. The flexibility of our solution allows users to upload content directly into the RO platform and easily direct it to wherever it may live (website, SharePoint,, etc.).

Internal Spotlights

Ability to create custom microsites that are only viewable/accessible by users within the RO system (or anyone with a company domain email address). This promotes internal learning and tribal knowledge sharing. It also enables you to track who views and engages with training materials included in the internal spotlight.

Recommended Spotlights

Pre-built microsites tagged in a ‘recommended’ tab for quick, easy access by your users. This saves you time and energy by being able to use pre-built Spotlights so your team can spend more time on more valuable things – like selling.

Spotlight Tracking

Data and intelligence on user engagement with materials contained in your sent Spotlights (who viewed, at what time, how long, what assets they viewed, etc.) This provides your team with the insight and data intelligence to know who is engaged with your materials, so your team can prioritize follow up and know exactly what to say during the conversation.

Upland RO Innovation Integrations

Some companies choose to operate Upland RO Innovation as a stand-alone solution. Others integrate it with other customer-centric technologies to drive additional value such as their CRM, marketing automation platform, internal content systems and more.

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