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At the center of true sales enablement is the advocacy of a satisfied customer, who is ready and willing to help you win new business.

Put that advocacy to work in the buyer’s journey, and those happy customers become your most effective sales assets.

Upland RO Innovation Sales Enablement™ drives revenue by leveraging peer-to-peer selling bolstered by unique customer success stories, presented alongside other sales and marketing assets. By providing sales reps with the right content and customer references at just the right stage during the sales cycle, RO leverages the voice of your customer to:

  • Build buyer trust faster
  • Differentiate your value and add significance during the buying process
  • Present information in tailored microsites, sent from wherever (even mobile)
  • Prove success via peer experiences
  • Win business faster
  • Provide data, analytics and reporting on revenue influenced by customers and content

Key Features of Upland RO Sales Enablement™

In addition to the standard Upland RO Innovation feature set, Upland RO Innovation Sales Enablement™ also comes with the following:

Ready Assets: automatically align (and serve up) the most relevant content and customer references to the sales reps based on the sales opportunity and stage of the sales cycle.

Quick Plays: share internal knowledge with the sales users in the CRM via the Quick Play links: What to Send, Know, Say & Do. This coaches reps on next steps and other tribal knowledge they can leverage that will help move their deal along faster.

Sales Wins: captures key drivers of buyer win decisions and sheds light on the “what and how” of your sales team’s actions. This Sales Enablement feature helps you share critical “win” information and leads to a deeper understanding of the customer’s thought process so your team can leverage this knowledge in future pitches.

Additionally, these insights can help clear up misconceptions and hone
in on the many considerations in the selection process. This functionality shares & increases tribal knowledge on what was successful during sales cycles; primes the customer reference funnel with new customers to nourish the program.

Sales Loss: captures insights on the reasons why a deal was lost. This is a central place to capture the intelligence, reasons, and stories behind why the prospect did NOT choose your solution for analysis and future sales improvement. This functionality shares & increases tribal knowledge on what was not so successful during sales cycles, so the same mistakes are not repeated by others.

Upland RO Innovation Present: Upland RO Innovation’s mobile app, available via the Apple App Store. Enables users to quickly search, view and present their favorite content and spotlights during a sales call. Sales users can prep their content in the full Upland RO Innovation platform and then use the slim app to share with their prospects. Intuitive navigation, efficient content search, and integrated spotlight features mean the client’s field teams spend less time searching and more time selling.

Upland RO Innovation Sales Enablement™ Integrations

Upland RO Innovation’s seamless integration with various sales and marketing platforms (like Salesforce.com, DropBox and Marketo) creates even greater adoption of your systems and increases visibility with what works most effectively at driving revenue. Upland RO Innovation Sales Enablement is the critical hub between customer advocacy, sales, and marketing technology stacks. No other system in the world integrates sales and marketing workflows, customer intelligence, and relevant content and puts it in the hands of sellers at the right time in the buyer’s cycle – all while giving you the data and analytics to prove real-time effectiveness of content and attribute new revenue driven by customer advocacy.

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