9 Ways to Use Extra Chances to Drive Extra Engagement

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Liz Huff Senior Director, Customer Success

Refer a Friend

After a user submits their entry, provide a custom link they can send to their friends to earn extra entries. This is a fantastic way to reach an even bigger audience!

To incentivize participation in their sweepstakes with Mr. Electric, WMEE-FM allowed entrants to receive five extra chance entries for each friend that entered from their unique code. This was a fantastic way to get the audience shared on social and grow overall engagement. Their campaign resulted in 200+ leads for the sponsor – Read about it all here.
WMEE-FM Mr. Electric Sweepstakes and extra chances

Email Opt-ins

Email is the #1 way to drive conversions and you should always take the opportunity to collect opt-ins. Use extra chances to promote a newsletter or list and grow your email database.

WTVQ-TV used extra chances to drive opt-ins for their various email lists. This was a great way to capitalize on the huge audience that comes with National Sweepstakes to drive email database growth!
WTVQ-TTV Holiday giveaway and extra chances

Lead-Generation Questions

Lead-generation questions are an incredible tool to collect valuable consumer information for your advertisers. Offer extra chances for responses to lead-gen questions to provide unique results for your advertiser.

For their ‘Can We Guess Your Pet?’ quiz, sponsored by a local pet supply store, WLEN-FM included a sweepstakes for a pet gift basket valued at $360. To generate more participation in the campaign, the station included three lead-generation questions for extra chance opportunities. These questions gathered valuable consumer information to benefit their advertiser.

‘Can We Guess Your Pet?’ quiz


Promote an Instragram with extra chances! You can use this extra chance action to encourage users to like, follow, or post on Instagram!

Extra chances for instagram

Watch a Video

Video is a great tool for educating your audience about your own initiatives or your sponsor’s products and services. Incentivize users to watch a full video (yes, the FULL video!) for a specified number of extra entries.

This storm preparedness campaign from Palm Beach Post was by a business specializing in hurricane-proof doors and windows. The campaign included an ‘Are You Ready For A Storm?” quiz and a sweepstakes for a $1,000 gift card for use at the sponsoring business. For additional entries into the sweepstakes, users could watch an informative video from the sponsor on the importance of impact windows.
 ‘Are You Ready For A Storm?” quiz and a sweepstakes from Palm Beach Post

Click a Link

Use extra chances to drive traffic to a specific webpage with an extra chance. This is a great way to feature a product or service, or educate users on a topic.

The Lewistown Sentinel created this home equity quiz and sweepstakes campaign for a local bank. They utilized multiple forms of extra chances to promote their home equity campaign and sponsoring bank. In addition to a ‘refer a friend’ and lead-gen question, the station included an extra chance for visiting a specific home equity loan page on the sponsor’s website.

Quiz results page and extra chances form

Download an App

Extra chances are a great way to encourage users to download a mobile app for your local media company or your advertisers. Not only will it promote the app to users who may not know of the product, but it will also drive downloads which are incredibly valuable!

KETK-TV used extra chances on their Sweetheart Sweepstakes for another way to drive results for their multiple campaign advertisers. For their local pizza restaurant sponsor, the station included an extra chance for downloading the business’ mobile app.

Sweetheart sweepstakes image and extra chance form


Extra chances are also a great way to drive traffic to a Facebook page. Include an extra chance in your next promotion and set how many additional entries a user receives for completing the action.

Instagram extra chances

Install Alexa Skill

Audiences are spending significantly more time at home these days. Alexa Skills are a great way to reach your audience where they are as it creates an incentive for your audience to enable smart speaker skills.

WBYR-FM utilized several extra chance opportunities for this backstage-pass sweepstakes, including an extra chance for adding the Alexa Skill.

Sweepstakes promotion for backstage at KORN plus extra chances


Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to drive participation and results for your local media company and your advertisers! Have questions? You can chat with a member of our Success Team using the chat box in the right-hand corner of the Lab.

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