4 Types of Lead-Generation Questions for Advertisers

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Liz Huff Senior Director, Customer Success

Advertisers are increasingly looking for promotions that will deliver measurable results, such as qualified leads.

So how can you be sure your promotions will fit their needs?

One of the best ways to achieve their goal is with lead-generation questions. Include a sponsor opt-in and two to three lead-generation questions at the end of your promotion to bring your advertiser results they can use for future targeted marketing. Plus, if you’ve secured an appealing prize, you can increase participation and ask a few more questions to your entrants.

Set yourself up for success by providing defined answer choices for your lead-gen questions. Defined answers allow for cleaner reporting results since open-ended answers can be varied or misspelled.

Make sure you’re picking the right lead-gen questions by sitting down for a needs analysis conversion with your advertiser. Then leverage a mix of these three lead-gen question types – described below – to fit their goals.


Informational questions are a great way to gauge interest in the services or products a brand offers. Plus, it’s an additional way to inform your audience about a specific product or service.

Buying Intent

These questions should be specific to your advertiser’s products and services. Ask you advertiser what information would be the most helpful for determining if a user is a qualified lead.

Category Specific

At your needs analysis meeting with your advertiser, find out other information that would be helpful for them to understand more about their consumers. These questions will target important information that does not need to be directly tied to a specific product or service.

Qualifying & Lead-Gen Survey Questions

Are your advertisers looking to know who they can sell to and when they can contact them? These direct questions will give you qualified leads that you can present to your advertisers, and that they can use immediately.

Lead-generation questions are the perfect opportunity for you to target the specific needs of an advertiser. No matter the category, these questions can provide valuable consumer data an advertiser can put into action.

Download our Seller’s Guide to Promotions to get a comprehensive list of lead-generation questions to target more than 40 advertiser categories.

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