How to Elevate Your Basketball Promotions

Make the most of your college basketball campaign by running a variety of promotions

Download Your Ultimate Basketball Playbook

Our Basketball Promotions Playbook is jam-packed with actionable ideas your team can use all season long. The guide covers everything you could possibly want for basketball-themed brackets, quizzes, photo contests, sweepstakes, and much more. With dozens of case studies and examples – plus sections on how to sell and promote – you’ll be set up for a slam dunk this basketball season.



Start Planning Now

If you’re looking to generate big dollars, look no further than basketball. Basketball promotions can be the biggest revenue generator of the entire year. With campaigns you can run all season long or campaigns to run exclusively during the college tournament, you can create a promotion fit for any advertiser in your market.

Need some ideas to get started? This webinar lays out plans to drive the maximum revenue for your market size.

Target the Right Advertisers

Prepare your team with a list of top advertisers looking to reach their target audience during these fall months – this may be the start of a new, lasting advertiser partnership. Lorie Gallagher of the Rockford Register Star encourages you to seek out non-traditional advertisers as well, “When you go out of your comfort zone, is when you find the revenue.”

Top Advertisers for Basketball

Use Turnkeys

Running promotions, driving audience engagement, and increasing your revenue has never been easier than with our turnkey contests. And when it comes to basketball, we’ve got a ton of basketball turnkeys to pick from including the bracket, sweepstakes, ballots, polls, photo contests, and quizzes.

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