5 Ways To Score With High School & College Football Promotions

Tap into the passion and commitment around local football with contests and quizzes

Football is a Huge Revenue Opportunity

High school and college football promotions and interactive content can be run anytime from August – February, which means this is a chance for you to create a valuable sponsorship package that spans this long time-frame (or several smaller packages for smaller advertisers). Advertisers are very interested in sponsoring local sports, but make sure you start selling early, so that you have enough time to secure the advertisers you want.

Tap Into Local Passion

Everyone in your community likely has an allegiance to a local high school or college football team. They probably know someone who plays which means they are likely to invest more time in your promotions. Plus, your advertisers likely hold these teams near and dear to their heart since they are right in their communities.

Leverage A Variety of Engagement Campaigns

Consider ticket giveaways, pick’ems, cutest fan photo contests, quizzes, or ballots.

Experiment with Rival Match Up Quizzes

This is a unique promotion where each week, you build a quiz across the history of the rivalry between the team your local college team is playing that week, or a particularly storied rivalry between two local high school teams.


Use Your Internal Resources

As Tammy discussed on the webinar, be sure to work together as a team. Don’t work in silos. Leverage your sports department to build your weekly rivalry quizzes. Work with your news team to cross promote your football promotions across print, email, digital, social, and every other asset you have.

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