Ultriva Collaborative Demand Portal

Get stock-out risk alerts and understand material availability at each customer or distribution center

It is critical for manufacturers to forecast accurately the level of finished goods inventory required to meet customer demand. A manufacturer must therefore have accurate and up-to-the-minute demand information in order to carry the optimal inventory mix and volume. While access to such data supports a high level of customer satisfaction, lack of such data carries the risk of a manufacturer being downgraded or even terminated as a supplier.

By providing accurate, real-time customer demand data, Ultriva Collaborative Demand Portal (CDP) facilitates the high level of collaboration between manufacturing plants, distributors, and OEMs that is required to keep end-user customers happy.

CDP enables signal replenishment to plants based on the consumption or shipments of finished goods or materials from distribution centers. This capability enables manufacturers to see stock-out risk alerts and understand material availability at each customer or distribution center. Enhanced visibility of this sort leads to superior customer service, reduced finished goods inventory, and rapid identification of customer problems.

Aligning Fulfillment Processes with Consumption Patterns

Collaborative Demand Portal helps inventory keep pace with demand by aligning fulfillment processes and consumption patterns. CDP monitors consumption patterns to sense demand changes and analyze multiple material flows. These flows go from distribution centers to regional distribution centers and from regional distribution centers to end-user customers.

Keeping Customers satisfied

By providing real-time visibility into customers’ inventory, Collaborative Demand Portal enables a rapid response to actual customer demand, rather than overreacting to inaccurate sales forecasts. This real-time and actionable business intelligence enables customers to see their order status, resulting in customer retention, as well as optimization of finished goods inventory.

Defining Material Flows Based Upon Customer Demand

Material flow loops can be set up based upon the requirements of specific customers and quickly integrated into the overall supply chain operation.

Keeping Alert

CDP generates exception alerts based upon pre-specified events such as:

  • New order notification
  • Late shipments alert
  • Excessive demand fluctuations
  • Inventory dips below safety stock

How to Right-Size the Inventory