Data Sheet

Take control of your customer demand with Upland Ultriva

Ensure the right mix and levels of finished goods inventory are at your distribution centers based on actual customer demand.

Ultriva’s Collaborative Demand Portal helps distribution centers and 3PL providers improve order fill rates and on-time delivery of finished goods to customers.

Immediately react to changing customer demand patterns.

Right-size finished goods inventory levels based on actual customer consumption.

Manage the transfer of finished goods between distribution centers and finished goods warehouses.

With Ultriva’s Collaborative Demand Portal, you get:

Better visibility of on-hand inventory​: Strategically adjust inventory levels based on the actual consumption of finished goods.

More accurate order fill rates and on-time delivery: Implement pull-based replenishment with eKanban between distribution centers and manufacturing plants. Support multiple material flows with various partners throughout your extended supply chain all the way to end customers.

Proactive demand sensing and response: Track the movement of finished goods from distribution centers based on near real-time updates. Synchronize manufacturing to actual customer demand. Right size your finished goods inventory levels. Eliminate the bullwhip effect on manufacturing and supply chain operations.

The Ultriva Collaborative Demand Portal is part of the Ultriva Lean Execution Suite, which offers complete end-to-end supply chain visibility, collaboration, and execution with robust manufacturing operations management software.

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