Ultriva Collaborative Supply Portal (CSP)

Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal (CSP) offers a transition path to a demand-driven enterprise by improving collaboration between plants and suppliers and by providing visibility into demand and supply.

Ultriva addresses the challenge of accurate planning with Collaborative Supply Portal (CSP). CSP delivers real-time visibility with supply partners using a simple platform for accessing demand signals, acknowledging the receipt of orders and the shipment of goods.

CSP offers a transition path to a demand-driven enterprise by improving collaboration between plants and suppliers, providing visibility into demand and supply. Planners, buyers, and suppliers see a single version of truth and respond effectively and immediately to unexpected changes in demand.

Part-Level Analysis

CSP inventory status reports provide visibility at a part level relative to inventory. This part-level analysis can be utilized on any order, whether in process, in transit, or in receiving. CSP summaries present order workflows, Kanban signals, and MRP orders at an aggregate level, allowing managers to drill down to display the details of individual orders.

CSP delivers analysis by part based on defined and actual consumption, inventory sizing, and on-hand inventory. CSP computes:

  • Defined average usage with actual realized
  • On-hand inventory for selected intervals
  • Kanban sizing for the period
  • Excess inventory being carried during the interval
  • Determine whether safety stock is sufficient or should be changed

Detailed status information about each part also includes:

  • Action date for release, acknowledgement and shipment
  • Shipment information for shipped parts
  • Expected receipt date along with tracking number
  • Symbols indicating late orders, notes and no shipping labels

Supplier Scorecards

Manufacturers require a single version of the truth for reviewing supplier performance measured by supplier ship date and customer receipt date. CSP scorecards monitor supplier performance on a per-action basis answering these question:

  • Did supplier acknowledge on time?
  • Did supplier ship on time?
  • Did supplier ship complete or partial orders?

Inventory Status Reporting

CSP dashboards provide visibility into part shortages and outstanding orders. Reporting also includes a real-time status of inventory health, exception alerts, unacknowledged orders, late shipments, and late receipts. CSP easily integrates with existing ERP/MRP systems, creating visibility to MRP forecasts and planned orders.

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