Ultriva Lean Factory Management (LFM)

Optimize production job sequencing and supply chain material replenishment with Ultriva’s Lean Factory Management (LFM).

In today’s competitive environment, manufacturers are seeking ways to maintain profitability by eliminating waste. This waste is usually a result of inefficiencies that exist on the shop floor, in labor, and with inventory expense. There is often a misalignment of production lines and non-standardized operating procedures.

The mandate for greater efficiency is leading companies to embrace Lean Manufacturing as their preferred approach to eliminating waste and streamlining processes for cost effectiveness.

Ultriva addresses the challenges of production inefficiency with Ultriva Lean Factory Management (LFM), a cloud-based application that optimizes production job sequencing and supply chain material replenishment. LFM can work in conjunction with other Ultriva LeanSuite applications or function as an independent application.

Insight on a Cell-by-Cell Basis

LFM informs a manufacturer whether a particular cell is over capacity or underutilized on a day-by-day basis. As a result, supervisors dynamically adjust schedules to meet “customer want” dates.

Sequence Management

Supervisors use LFM to easily change production sequences that minimize set-up and optimize production. A supervisor monitors multiple cell production schedules from a central location and manages schedules based upon resource availability or customer demands.

Replenishment Management

LFM sets up multiple materials flow loops using work centers for consuming lines (Final Assembly) to producing lines (Sub Assembly) and storage locations (supermarkets).

  • Physical material flow is mimicked by mapping upstream from downstream WCs
  • Production loops are set up through replenishment triggers
  • Each loop contains varying lot sizes

Support of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Metrics Computation:

  • OEE Dashboard shows real time performance by machines
  • Operator efficiency and work hours computed automatically
  • Quality and machine availability computed in real-time Units completed vs. planned displayed

Move Production Away from Inaccurate Forecasts:

Moving production resources away from inaccurate forecasts, LFM enables manufacturers to:

  • Execute lean improvements across the production floor one cell at a time
  • Replace manual Kanban system with eKanban
  • Adjust build schedules based on company-established sequencing rules
  • Enjoy complete visibility into current order status as well as past manufacturing performance

Operator Flexibility

Factory operators using LFM enjoy great flexibility. Operators’ jobs can be grouped by:

  • Product family
  • Attributes
  • Customer
  • Shift or length of shift
  • Any custom parameter
  • Customer
  • Carrying forward jobs across shifts or put on hold for any valid reason and trigger supervisor notification

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