Lean Your Shop Floor

Ultriva’s Lean Factory Management aligns your production resources with customer demand and continually monitors production operations with real-time feedback.

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Support Multiple Manufacturing Models

Ultriva provides manufacturing executives with a flexible shop floor control solution that can be easily configured to address a wide range of manufacturing profiles, including MTO, ETO, ATO, MTS, BTF, and demand-driven.

Dynamically Manage Work Order Flow Through Work Centers by Work Order State

Ultriva provides production planners and schedulers with dynamic, highly configurable calendar views into capacity utilization at the work center level with the ability to reschedule (move in, push out) work orders to achieve line balance.

Top-Floor to Shop-Floor Visibility Throughout the Entire Production Process

Simple technician interface supports real-time capture of work order status by WO number, task, technician, and more.


The Lean Supply Chain

Read how lean experts are leveraging electronic Kanban to create effective global pull systems.

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White Paper: The Lean Supply Chain