Case Study

Machining Contract Manufacturer

By using Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal (CSP), this contract manufacturer was able to have more effective factory scheduling, reduced costly expediting, improved on-time delivery by 35%, and realized a 40% reduction in their parts inventory investment.


This company is a precision Machining Contract Manufacturer (MCM). MCM serves customers in the Medical, Aerospace, Environmental Sensing and Electronics industries.


A large customer of MCM requested that they become part of their Collaborative Supply Network. The goal was to convert from the existing manual Kanban system to an electronic replenishment system.


The company implemented Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal. The portal allows MCM to gain real-time visibility of demand, the release of orders and Kanban cards. The portal also provides MCM’s customers with up to date status of acknowledgment, shipments and inventory status.


The successful implementation of Ultriva resulted in the following benefits for MCM and their suppliers:

  • Supplier on-time performance improved by 35%
  • Inventory was reduced by 40%
  • 10% reduction in logistics cost