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Commercial Truck Manufacturing

Commercial Truck Manufacturing company (CTM) is a global supplier of complete cab systems in the heavy-duty truck...


Commercial Truck Manufacturing company (CTM) is a global supplier of complete cab systems in the heavy-duty truck, construction and agricultural equipment markets including the specialty and military transportation markets. CTM employs over 7,000 employees worldwide.


CTM wanted to implement a pull inventory Kanban system as opposed to push, and one that would give complete visibility. CTM also wanted a product that was simple to use and would engage their suppliers.


CTM implemented Collaborative Supply Portal featuring Electronic Kanban from Ultriva, integrating the system with CTM’s Microsoft business systems.


With Ultriva, CTM improved on time delivery, with a 28% gain in inventory turns and a 43% reduction of overall inventory. Full visibility was achieved and clear vision of the inventory could now be viewed at all times. Suppliers could see which parts were being consumed and which parts needed to be replenished on a daily basis.


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Success Story
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