Simplify data management with AI-powered capture

Whatever your organization’s size or industry, there’s no question that your staff works with mountains of documents and data every week. And as our digital business reality continues to accelerate, managing all that information takes employees a lot of time, not to mention that manually capturing data can be prone to human error as document volumes increase.

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Knowledge workers waste up to 40% of their time on manual digital administrative processes.


44% of employees at small- and medium-sized businesses do not feel highly efficient during the day.


Automation is proven to boost sales productivity by 14.5%.

Cloud capture that tackles the details.

Imagine if you had cloud capture software that could:

  • Consistently and accurately automate data extraction from documents
  • Harness AI technology for template creation to support more accurate results
  • Ensure access from web or mobile interfaces to enable work from anywhere
  • Eliminate data security concerns while lowering operational costs
  • Monitor communications, maintain compliance, and safeguard sensitive information
AI enhanced document capture

AI-powered templates that boost efficiency, big time.

AccuRoute’s robust content capture capabilities removes workflow bottlenecks using features such as:

  • Templates built automatically using AI and machine learning eliminating the most time-consuming part of the process
  • Data extraction capabilities for every document type, including PDFs, graphics, files, handwritten documents, faxes, scans, photos, and even webpage content
  • Integrations with leading MFP devices, including HP, Canon, Lexmark, Ricoh, Xerox, Samsung, and more

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