Comprehensive Capture, Scan, and Fax Solutions by Industry

AccuRoute helps organizations implement solutions and to adapt to an increasingly competitive business climate.

Bring your organization into the modern era using enterprise-wide Digital Transformation solutions to empower workers and ensure business continuity.

AccuRoute is empowering organizations of all sizes from various industries worldwide to implement solutions that enable impactful digital transformation strategies to adapt to an increasingly competitive business climate. Thanks to a highly scalable infrastructure and configuration flexibility, AccuRoute allows users at organizations to efficiently implement capture, scan, and fax solutions involving hundreds — or millions — of documents per month.

With AccuRoute, organizations can reliably access information they need from anywhere in any format. They can drastically cut costs, improve productivity, and maintain business continuity. Regardless of industry, AccuRoute provides secure and simplified pathways for content, every step of the way. Within this brochure, we give a high level overview of the benefits of AccuRoute for the legal, financial services, and healthcare industries.

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Solution benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction and save time by automating processes to increase accessibility, better manage customer interactions, and improve overall service times
  • Empower staff with one extensible, easy-to-use platform that takes documents and puts them into a single, highly accessible archive
  • Lower total costs and consolidate fax infrastructure by relying on Fax over IP technology that enables least-cost routing
  • Reduce risk by using a highly scalable, reliable infrastructure that seamlessly supports a wide range of geographically dispersed institutions
  • Streamline mission-critical document workflows such as e-filing, scanning to DMS, and managing data while maintaining high levels of document integrity and security
  • Protect sensitive data with the ability to set custom business rules, such as holding documents until authorized users can access them

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