Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

From the need to drive quality improvements, gain efficiency, contain costs, to increasing revenue...

Streamline mission-critical document workflows and enable faster, more reliable patient services.

The healthcare enterprise is among one of the most document-intensive businesses in the world. Whether it’s privacy issues, payment processes, patient records or employment concerns, healthcare organizations are under great pressure to achieve high levels of patient excellence while lowering costs and ensuring patient privacy and service. This is very difficult to achieve when dealing with real-time documents that rely heavily on resource-intensive, manual processes.

High expectations. From the need to drive quality improvements, gain efficiency, contain costs, to increasing revenue – all while improving the patient experience. It is challenging for today’s Healthcare enterprise to operate in this highly regulated, consumer-driven environment.

Solution Benefits

  • Increase efficiency by automatically capturing and classifying any health, patient and finance document, and routing process ready information to the point of care.
  • Maintain security by using fax over IP as a secure and compliant solution that manages communications ranging from invoicing, billing and collections, to prescription routing, material management, and more all while maintaining data integrity
  • Leverage existing technology investments to improve automation by using currently installed multi- function peripherals as the on ramp to document capture, workflow and fax throughout your entire healthcare enterprise. Support heterogeneous (different systems from different vendors) environments or use your current applications without learning or adopting new systems.
  • Move to electronic health records by capturing, transforming, exchanging and archiving health information to meet “Meaningful Use” requirements
  • Improved collaboration with the capability to share real-time electronic information with doctors, nurses, clinicians and patients to enable better care and minimize costly re-admissions or errors. Send documents to multiple locations in multiple formats from a single scan.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating handling, shipping and storage fees, and make service and financial information available on demand to expedite billing and minimize claim denials.
  • Remove analog fax lines and traditional hardware to deliver documents.
  • Integrate with and scan documents to HIPAA compliant archives and document management systems, convert documents to required formats and sizes required for compliant communications, and access a comprehensive, time-stamped audit trail of document-related communications.
  • Support environmental initiatives by eliminating multiple paper copies and cut down on consumption of paper products.
  • Preserve electronic copies of documents to prevent the complete destruction of documents in the event of a disaster
    Decrease real estate and storage needs for paper records
  • Increase productivity by improving the accessibility of documents for easy collaboration and immediate action to accelerate your back-office processes.

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