AccuRoute secure fax integration for Epic

Integrate HIPAA-compliant on-premise, hybrid, or cloud fax services directly into your Epic experience.

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Here’s how AccuRoute works with Epic

We’re making healthcare communications and information exchange faster than ever by allowing users to send or receive faxes and access patient information all from one place. Simply sign up for AccuRoute and get in contact with your Epic representative to have the integration enabled in your environment, then start faxing!
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Send faxes and track status right from your Epic dashboard

AccuRoute is configured to operate seamlessly with Epic 2017+. Quickly and easily set up an account, transfer any existing fax numbers, and contact your Epic representative to begin faxing immediately with no service downtime.

  • Send faxes directly from Epic
  • Automatically deliver inbound faxes to specific network folders and attach them to the right patient record
  • Access detailed records of every fax transmitted or received via the AccuRoute web portal
  • Create reports on fax usage by patient, sender, recipient, or customized fields to ensure compliance
Rest easy with secure, compliant fax

Data security is critical. AccuRoute employs TLS encryption, user authentication, “delete upon delivery,” and more to ensure compliance with HIPAA, PHIPA, and PCI DSS.

Work from the Epic dashboard to get more done

Send faxes, verify delivery, access detailed records, utilize Epic data fields for enhanced reporting, and more all from your Epic dashboard.

Communicate securely and reliably

AccuRoute accelerates the exchange of patient records, medical requests, and data exchange with other providers.

Ensure every single fax is received

AccuRoute verifies the fax was delivered to the right recipient, every time. Even in cases of failure, AccuRoute will retry up to 6 times to transmit the message.

Improve reporting using metadata

Send Epic data fields as metadata to streamline search and filter capabilities and enhance reporting capabilities.

Ditch fax servers and go to the cloud

Ready for the cloud? Reduce the burden of on-premise hardware and software maintenance for your IT team and let us handle the details.

Get secure, reliable fax in no time.

We’ll handle the details around communications and PHI security. You focus on what really matters — providing your patients with fast, superior care.

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