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AccuRoute Fax

A Smarter, Centralized Fax Infrastructure.

A Smarter, Centralized Fax Infrastructure

New Technologies are Transforming the Fax Landscape

Long after the adoption of fax in countless organizations across virtually every industry, and decades after “experts” forecasted its demise, a stubborn fact persists — faxing is still a critical document process. With its attractive economics, simplicity, and near-universal acceptance faxing continues to be a key source for business communications.

However, traditional faxing still has its drawbacks. Dedicated fax machines, phone lines, and ongoing maintenance of traditional fax
infrastructure are costly. An even greater concern is the indirect costs of manageability, upgrade cycles, process inefficiencies, and compliance risks.

AccuRoute Fax is transforming the fax landscape by providing secure and comprehensive cloud, hybrid, and on-premise centralized fax infrastructures in an enterprise-class fax solution. The goal is to dramatically reduce costs, enhance document-intensive business processes, and improve employee productivity.

Scalable to virtually any organization and incorporating intelligent and flexible workflow routing features, AccuRoute Fax is able to secure and control fax activity in virtually any industry.

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