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AccuRoute and NetDocuments team up to empower law firms

Integrate cloud capture and fax into your firm’s electronic file system right from your NetDocuments interface.

Legal teams are used to the document shuffle, whether it’s paper or electronic content. But what if your firm had technology in place to minimize the back and forth and give you more time to focus on high-value tasks (and clients)? AccuRoute provides users with the ability to import scanned images of paper documents directly from any network scanner into the appropriate NetDocuments folders. That means you can work faster and smarter, manage the entire scope of paper and electronic documents, and enable simultaneous document delivery via email, fax or other communications systems.

Improve access and ensure security by utilizing barcodes to create an electronic image of documents that are stored alongside the electronic content in NetDocuments. Automatically create a secure audit trail of document processing steps, routing transactions, and delivery confirmations.

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Solution benefits

  • Profile documents and prepare for image capture with standard NetDocuments screens and coversheets
  • Leverage AccuRoute capture, data extraction, conversion, and routing capabilities
  • Enable simultaneous delivery of documents to email, fax, and other content or communications systems at the same time as uploading to NetDocuments
  • Minimize time spent scanning paper at an MFP or network scanner
  • Track and store an audit trail of document processing steps including routing transactions and delivery confirmations
  • Works with any network-enabled scanner or MFP, including environments containing mixed fleets of hardware (scanner, printer, MFP, fax machine, etc.)

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