Digital Email Design

Stunning, responsive email templates

Whether you’re looking to refresh your brand or ensure greater quality and consistency across your marketing presence, our digital design team is on hand to help with your email design. Come to us for your email marketing template design, and benefit from our expert team’s design consultancy and coaching.

Email Design

Good email design is about more than looking pretty. We believe that it is a core part of your email success when integrated into your wider marketing strategy. Alongside our account managers and customer success teams, our digital designers work with you to understand everything you are doing in your marketing world and everything you want to do with your emails. We don’t just build for a single campaign’s success – we work with you to provide the templates and tools to ensure your emails stand out every time.



When people choose to open your emails, there is a good chance it’s because they’ve had good experiences with your brand in the past. Your email needs to deliver on that trust and look and feel consistent with the brand your customers love.


An email doesn’t exist in isolation: Our designs are informed by multiple touchpoints from your website, your brand guidelines, and any other channel where people engage with you. We want to ensure that your emails sit perfectly within the customer journey.


In order for people to take notice of your content, your email has to grab their attention and convince them it’s worth reading. Our team loves finding new ways to do this, whether through animation, interaction, or just exciting design to make sure that every email you send is a memorable one.

What Services Are Available?

  • Email template design

    We will work with you to understand your branding, tone, and content, then our experienced design team will produce exciting, innovative, and on-brand designs that give you the flexibility to convey any message in the best possible way. Leverage great design to engage your audience consistently and reliably.

  • Email template build

    Developed in-house, our email editor gives marketers the tools to create amazing campaigns that are always on brand, regardless of HTML knowledge. We live and breathe this editor and will produce pixel-perfect and intuitive templates that have been coded to work perfectly in any email client or device.

  • Forms and form templates

    Adestra’s form builder tool is an excellent way to import contact data while triggering any number of automated actions, from adding contacts to a list to adding them into an automation program. We can create a template for you to use with this, so that your forms are as exciting and as interactive as the rest of your website.

  • Consultancy and training

    We’re always happy to come and spend time with you to help you get the most out of your email design and development. We love sharing our enthusiasm and experience, whether that’s spending time helping your creatives understand the benefits of email design or working alongside your developers to establish best practices.

Interested to see how our digital design team can help revolutionize your email templates?