Optimization, Automation, and Bacon Rolls at our Breakfast Seminar

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Smashed avo on toast? Kale smoothie? A hasty croissant on your way into work? Here at Adestra we started our day with something a little more satisfying: a Breakfast Seminar in London featuring industry insights, expert speakers, and the opportunity for guests to demo our award-winning email platform. (Rest assured, there were plenty of bacon rolls, delicious pastries, and cups of coffee provided too.)

We’ve been running our Breakfast Seminars for a while now, and have found they’re a great way to meet and chat with key industry players, ESP users, and interested businesses keen to learn more. As usual, the event was held at the Royal College of Physicians, right in the heart of London and just around the corner from leafy Regent’s Park.

Innovative email

The RCP has long been a place of development and innovation, so it was only fitting that our MD Henry Smith chose to kick off proceedings by invoking Robert Koch, a 19th-century microbiologist who developed the idea of the ‘magic bullet’. An effective drug, he argued, should not assault the body as a whole – destroying not only the problem area but anything else it finds in its wake – but instead target specific germs, bacteria, or viruses. In short, medicines should be personalized to the individual.

Without claiming to have imbued our platform with similarly life-saving properties, the same principle does hold true of email. The ‘batch and blast’ approach to sending is likely to yield poor results, and possibly even create more damage to your client relationships along the way. An ever-evolving market necessitates a similarly sophisticated email strategy; the need for marketers to deliver personalized, hyper-relevant content has never been greater.

Success stories

Henry’s presentation was followed up by some great success stories from two of our valued clients: Sam Chana from The Midcounties Co-operative and Hayley Collins from Shelter. Hayley and her team felt that their email campaigns were taking far too long to create, and were frustrated with the results. They had a clear goal – “Make Email Great Again” (MEGA) – and approached our training and consultancy teams to work alongside them in strategizing a personalized customer journey and developing a suite of beautiful new templates. By Hayley’s estimation, Shelter has dramatically cut email production time since adopting our strategy, freeing up significant development capacity for other projects – a thoroughly impressive result!

As CRM Manager for The Midcounties Co-operative, Sam was keen to increase engagement and reach out to a greater number of contacts when it came to their voting and nomination programs. Member involvement and participation is a key value for the Co-operative, and they were keen to emphasize this in their email strategy. Sam’s priority was to work alongside us to produce an automated campaign to garner votes ahead of the Community Choices project. A combination of targeted sends, preference centers, and integrated countdown timers engaged an unprecedented response from members – illustrating the power of digital engagement in a core audience not previously active in this medium.

First-person marketing

The morning ended on a practical note, with our own Customer Success Manager, Suzy Carter-Kent, providing a run-down of her top tips for ensuring your email marketing strategy is tailored to each individual client. As a final point, she encouraged us all to remember the importance of first-person marketing: that ‘sweet spot’ of the right data and the right content, delivered at the right time. When it comes to email marketing strategy, personalized campaigns look set to be the ‘magic bullet’ your subscribers have been waiting for.

Thanks again to all who attended, and we look forward to meeting more of you at our next Breakfast Seminar on the 15th February!

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