Easter Eggstravangza: Retail Examples to Inspire Your Festive Email Marketing

Easter, for me, is the beginning of spring and yet another event when you can overindulge in chocolate (like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas day…every day?). It’s also time for marketers to inject some cheerfulness into their email campaigns to successfully compete for their subscribers’ attention.

Feeling at a loss for inspiration? We have an Easter email eggstravaganza prepared to help you ‘crack’ the mould and ‘hunt’ for conversions.

Time to flex your copy muscles

Humour can sometimes be your best ally and Easter emails are guilty of taking puns and copy to a whole new level. Just look at this email from Fortnum and Mason (or this very blog post!) with their ‘you’ll be clucking about nothing else’ and ‘our eggs are the squawk of town’.

Another example I loved came from ecommerce brand ‘’ who, apart from providing craft inspiration, also showed examples of alternative gifts for grown-ups. This is perfectly in line with their strapline – ‘choose a life less ordinary’.

Don’t just push for a sale, inspire customers

It’s not just about the Easter Eggs and hot cross buns, why not suggest kitchen gadgets and crockery or even recipes, like in the Asda example below? But no inspiration list would be complete without an email from Hobbycraft! I personally didn’t even know what an Easter Bonnet was but I might use some of those designs to decorate my cake.

Consistent message across channels

As a fan of Hotel Chocolat (let’s face it, who isn’t?) I subscribe to both their emails and direct mail. While I may not always read all their emails, I was pleasantly surprised to see they had sent me an offer in their catalogue and matched the design and messaging of that in an email. When you do use offers in your marketing, it’s best to keep the discount consistent across channels to avoid annoying customers who receive both, and use the offer to push towards a higher purchase value, rather than giving it away ‘just because’.

Not generally associated with Easter?

Be creative with the role your company can play during this time of the year. PetsPyjamas focused on the idea that many people take advantage of the extra days off to travel so they suggested dog-friendly locations.

Monsoon also tied in their spring inspiration email with Easter time and parties. This campaign might push it a bit, but for fashion-conscious people, looks can be important when getting together with their families.

What Easter emails have inspired you? Share with us below.

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