Great Examples of Transparent Data and Privacy Policies Ahead of GDPR Enforcement

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Although the enforcement of GDPR in 2018 feels like a lifetime ago, the significant changes introduced to the way marketers manage and process customer data remain just as important in 2021.

For email marketing professionals, where email marketing has taken the brunt of a lot of these changing regulations, the best policy is transparency.

So, we thought we’d share two different examples, video and written copy, which make it crystal clear to consumers why customer data is collected, how it’s handled and how customers can opt out.

The Guardian: Why your data matters to us – Time: 1:35


The Guardian is one of the largest and most read newspaper companies in the UK. The organization did well to get ahead of consumer concerns by providing an open and transparent message to its readers, that is reassuring.

Here’s why we like the video:

  • Explains what happens to the money earned from advertisers
  • Highlights the benefits of giving data to the Guardian
  • Reassures the customer that they are in control and that their data is in safe hands

The publisher also produced another video going into more detail regarding their privacy policy.

Slack: Our Privacy Principles

Not all companies have extensive video or animation budgets to record their privacy message, but Slack is a particularly a good written example for anyone looking for ideas.

Slack, has followed some of the principles of transparency from the Guardian videos above but in written form.

The platform clearly communicates:

  • What happens to the data: ‘We don’t own team communication data. Teams own their data. They like it that way and so do we.’
  • Data request from law enforcement in a Transparency Report. Very handy, in light of government surveillance concerns!
  • Type of data collected: ‘We collect different kinds of information. Some of it is personally identifiable and some is non-identifying or aggregated. Here are the types of information we collect or receive…’

All too often, privacy policies, data collection statements and opt out processes can be long, arduous and dry messages that can either be difficult to understand or be confusing by nature. Brands that excel in customer experience strategies put transparency as one of their top goals, and know that by offering clear communication about how they use their customers’ data can provide tangible gains in acquisition and retention.

If your privacy policy or data collection communications are too confusing then maybe consider reviewing it with your legal team and see if you can turn it into an advantage, just like Slack and The Guardian did!

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