Improve Personalization and Segmentation with MessageFocus

Personalization is an important tool in the arsenal of any email marketer looking to boost results.

In fact, a brand new study in collaboration with the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) shows that 63 percent of marketers see both increased email and bottom line results from using personalization.

With that in mind, over the past few months there have been a number of releases from our development team that have enabled clients make the campaign creation stage more efficient and improve their ROI and engagement. We’ll share a few of those features and what they bring to the table in terms of the opportunity to send personalized content, so that you can join the 82 percent of marketers who see higher open rates and the 56 percent who have experienced an increase in sales.

Promotion Codes

Campaigns that incentivize customers to complete a purchase aren’t new. Personalizing your campaigns so that the products you suggest are relevant is both of importance and common sense. But how can you get customers to buy from you again?

The promotion codes feature allows marketers to assign unique codes at launch, incentivizing purchase while offering a gesture of generosity to foster brand loyalty. Whereas a generic code can be used by anyone, unique promo codes allow marketers to control who receives them, helping to better target customers with more personalized offers.

Evans Cycles used promo codes in a post purchase strategy. Not only did the company thank customers for shopping with it, but it made them come back for more. This led to an estimated extra £27k revenue from the campaign.

The Email Editor

“Leaving beautiful design to the designers and skilled execution to the marketers”.

While the Email Editor has built-in personalization features and support for conditional content, as well as a host of advanced functionality, it’s the intuitive design which is key.

To have a high performing campaign you first need the campaign. The Email Editor helps to speed up the creation process without compromising on quality. With its focus on letting marketers create content without worrying about HTML errors (which enabled CDW to create and launch on site from an event) the Email Editor empowers users to create engaging and relevant content with ease.

Postcode Filtering

Segmenting contacts by their postal address allows marketers to target specific areas of interest, but unfortunately our study shows that 64 percent of marketers collect location data and don’t use it. Our platform’s ability to filter based on a radius from given postcodes means marketers can target contacts with hyper-relevant content.

For example, if a new store is opening in London you don’t want to promote it to people in Sydney, but you might want contacts around Reading and Milton Keynes to know. Or if you’re running a festival you can let contacts in the surrounding area know, warning them of possible increased traffic and offering them an exclusive deal.

And with 61 percent of marketers wanting to improve their approach to personalization according to our 2016 Email Census, we wanted to look into this aspect further. We partnered with the IDM and we have some very exciting results to share in a new report in October. An interesting snippet is that websites are the top channel used for collecting data (40 percent of respondents) but only 21 percent of marketers use it for personalization in the same channel. Find out more about this tool’s use across the marketing mix from the report.

Can’t wait until October to know what today’s marketers are doing with personalization? Stop by at TFM on stand T560 and get your copy before it’s published online.

Or if you can’t make it to the event, register your interest in the report here.



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