Tech Talk: How to Design Creative, Interactive Emails

Welcome to our new ‘Tech Talk’ series, where we dive a little deeper into the mechanics of email creation and offer insights from our in-house experts.

First up is Digital Designer Gorka, covering the basics of interactive email – why we use it, how it’s coded, and who stands to benefit from its implementation.

Interactivity in email has been a growing trend in the last few years, and we have been noticing increased interest from clients in recent months.

The main benefit of interactive emails for brands is that it gives us the opportunity to surprise the customer in our communications. Firstly, because interactivity is still a relatively uncommon phenomenon in a world of static emails, but also because it gives marketers the opportunity to challenge recipients (with games, riddles, etc.) or to present information in appealing ways (interactive tabs, dropdown menus, slides, etc.).

That sounds good from the marketer’s point of view, right? But how does this translate to designers and developers? It’s not always that simple when it comes to email development, as there are a great number of challenges we will need to face.

Whether you’re a designer yourself, or an email marketer looking to glimpse behind the CSS curtain, let’s take a look at how we make interactive emails here at Adestra…

How it works

Let’s use an interactive tabs component we recently built as a reference here, although note that this approach can also be taken for other interactive components:

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