Jim’s MessageFocus Top Tips: June

After all the flag waving for the Diamond Jubilee, it’s time to get back to work and, therefore, it must mean it’s time for another instalment of my Top Tips. This month I’ll be showing you how to resend to your non-openers, add personalisation within the HTML Editor and how to personalise a link within your email so that it will be tracked in your reporting.

1. Resend to Non-Openers

Adestra’s MessageFocus offers you a completely automated way of creating and launching your follow-up emails from the campaign creation stage to data management.

To easily resend your campaign to non-openers, there are two quick and simple methods within MessageFocus which will allow you to do this.

You will notice the first option when you set up the launch for your campaign. In the launch settings page there are the following options below where you enter your password.

Check the box to automatically resend to non-openers. After you’ve done this, you’ll be given two extra options for the launch:

The second option is to click on the “˜Create follow-up to non-openers’ button directly from your campaign report:

A new campaign will automatically be created for you along with a filter which will be applied to your campaign data:

Don’t forget that MessageFocus Help can assist you in using this functionality. If you have a MessageFocus account click here to access the help document on the above feature.

2. Adding personalisation to your campaigns from the HTML editor

Like the Union flag, personalised email campaigns are flavour of the moment as more marketers attempt to increase engagement levels from their email marketing. Data is your secret weapon – so use it freely. Have you ever received an email newsletter which addresses you as: Dear , where the data used by the sender is missing your firstname? Well, you can avoid this issue by using the personalisation tools within the HTML Editor in MessageFocus.

When you click on the personalisation button, in the HTML Editor, you will be able to do the following:

In this instance, I have asked MessageFocus to insert the “˜first_name’ field, making the name all lower case, but Capitalising the first letter; if there is no data in the first_name field, then to use the default value of Colleague.

The resultant salutation for the above will display like this:

Dear [*data(‘1.first_name’)||’Colleague’|lower|ucfirst|html*]

Just remember that the 1.first_name element of the conditional content here refers to my core table and my selected fieldname – the core table number and fieldname may be different for you when you use the above to personalise your email campaigns.

Further information on how to use this feature, and the HTML Editor in general, can be found in the help documentation within MessageFocus.

3. Personalize your links in the HTML editor

Following on with the data theme; there may be instances where customer specific data could be useful in your campaign to point the recipient to a personalised account page on your website where their details are pre-filled for example. You may already be adding data to your links but have you ever noticed that they are not tracked in your reporting by default?

This can be useful when, for example, you want your recipients to update their contact details. For this example, we have a product number and email address, which is unique to each recipient.

So, I need to add to my link the 1.product field and the email address field,, to personalize it:

When the campaign is launched, I click on the link and the following is displayed in the address bar, at the end of the url, of the page to which I am taken:


The merged fields then enable the resultant page to be personalized to the specific recipient:

The recipient is, therefore, able to update their details and are able to continue receiving relevant emails to them, or, alternatively, remove themselves from receiving further emails.

I trust that you find these tips useful, if you have a suggestion for a tip for a future blog I’d love to help – please email it to me on

Look out for another 3 Top Tips next month and, as always, good luck with your email marketing endeavors.

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