MessageFocus 2.8: IP Authentication via Email

Now you have an extra security option to protect your data: authorizing an IP address via email

IP authentication via email is an extra protection method for your MessageFocus account. It joins IP access restrictions, and OTP tokens as ways to keep your data secure.

This option is for companies that don’t know all the IP addresses that will need authorization upfront.

It’s simple: When you log on to MessageFocus from an unknown IP address, you’re sent a verification email. This could be a new computer you’re using for the first time, for example. MessageFocus sends the email to the email address used to register your account. Clicking the link in the email completes the verification process.

IP Authentication via email is available as part of MessageFocus 2.8. If you want to know more about using this feature, please contact your Account Manager or email us on

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