Saving Time and Effort with MessagFocus Presets

Here at Adestra, we all know how much our clients love to build email campaigns, test deliverability and experiment with the latest functionalities. This is all well and good but the busy schedule of a marketer’s day to day life can leave little time for such fun. So any way to save valuable time and reduce manual processes would be a treat wouldn’t it?

MessageFocus presets are a great way to automatically pre-fill any campaign options during the campaign creation stage. This can be at account, workspace or project level so can be really flexible depending on the campaigns you’re creating and sending.

Any campaign option can have a predefined setting which will save you manually typing in every value each time you build a campaign. From the subject line, to the from address, to the unsubscribe handling; every option can have a predefined value.

When creating the preset, you can pick and choose how the campaign options can be pre-filled. There are 4 different options available:

  • User-defined – the option will remain empty and amendable.
  • Default value – a value will be pre-filled when creating a campaign, so can be changed if needed.
  • Forced value – once the value has been forced, the option will be hidden and cannot be amended. This is really useful for locking down the campaign options for users who do not need access. And helps avoid inadvertently sending a campaign with the wrong campaign options!

Multiple values – you can enter different values that the user can select from a drop-down menu. This is great if you have lots of from names available, for example, but only use a few regularly.

So you can see from this example campaign, the subject line has been predefined, the domain option has been hidden and the from name can be selected from a menu. Every field in the campaign options stage can be specified in the preset.

This can significantly reduce the time and effort spent manually inserting these every time you create a campaign. Leaving you with more time to edit and test campaigns.

MessageFocus presets can be easily enabled on your account so you can build and amend them yourself. Your Account Manager will still be available to guide you through the best way to apply them to your account. Happy time saving!

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