Top 6 Apps for CMOs

Must-have apps for Modern Marketing Leaders.

If you’re a Modern Marketing Leader, you’re missing out if you don’t keep up with the latest tech. The right apps can make your life so much easier and more efficient. Here are the top six we recommend you check out…

Create and collaborate

Google Drive is a superb tool: it enables teams to collaborate on documents, designs and databases in real time, and files are accessible from any device. – Free, iOS, Android and any web browser

Organize everything

Projects, pictures, purchase orders – if you can see it, scan it or snap it, you can store it, organize it and find it with Evernote. It’s happy working solo, but it really shines when your teams share Evernote Notebooks with each other. – Free iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Mac and Windows/Windows Phone apps; Business version $10/user/month

See the buzz about your brand

Social media marketing apps enable you to see what’s being said about your brand, both positive and negative. The web-based Tweetdeck makes media monitoring easy. – Free (runs in web browser)

The news you need

Feedly is your “daily me” – all the news from the sites you want to stay on top of, such as, Econsultancy and UnMarketing. Simply tell Feedly the site you want to subscribe to and it’ll automatically fetch each new article as it’s published. – Free (iOS, Android, web browser)

Perfect presentations

Keynote is a superb presenting tool, and it’s particularly handy on iPhones and iPads. You can edit, share and even deliver presentations without needing a computer: all you require is an HDMI adapter or AirPlay device. Presenter Display lets you see what’s coming up next. – £6.99 (iOS), £13.99 (Mac)

Travel smarter

Take the hassle out of business travel with TripIt, the Swiss Army Knife of travel apps. It gathers everything – tickets, hotel reservations, car hire – in one place, and it can alert you about delays, cancellations or last-minute changes. There’s a version for team travel too. – Free (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone; Pro version $49/year)

To do list:

  • Check out Google Drive, Evernote, Tweetdeck, Feedly, Keynote and Triplt.
  • Investigate other marketing apps which could give you the competitive edge, such as Bizshark (which makes competitor analysis easy), Netvibes (allowing you to track online buzz), Lovely Charts (perfect for those suffering from Excelophobia) and Trello (a collaboration tool for team to do lists).
  • Don’t forget apps of a more general nature, such as dictionaries, calculators and note-takers, which can be invaluable to all professionals aiming to stay productive from anywhere and everywhere.

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