Campaign of the Month

Innovation in email: a truly personalized campaign for Meteor customers

This campaign achieved a 177% higher open rate than regular newsletters.

Adestra Campaign of the Year 2016 winner

Flawless system integration, conditional content and customer data helped Infinity Nation provide Meteor customers a truly tailored email experience. 

Brand: Meteor

Agency: Infinity Nation
Infinity Nation is a collective of data analysts, growth strategists, communications experts & design specialists. They use data-driven insight to craft tailor-made
strategies and develop smart technical solutions to increase engagement, efficiency and profitability for their clients. by: Al Keck

Designed and developed by: Aaron Challice & James Martin


Campaign details

Subject line: Happy Anniversary, *first name*
Open: 117% higher than regular newsletters
Used 9 points of personalization


Who is the campaign targeted at?

Customers who had purchased from Meteor a year or more ago.


  • Re-engage previous customers
  • Persuade them to purchase again

What makes this a performing campaign?

In order to grow loyalty and encourage repeat purchases from previous Meteor customers, Infinity Nation created a campaign which would automatically go to customers on their account creation anniversary date.

The combination of personalization and automation is what makes this campaign really special. Starting with the subject line, Infinity Nation used first name personalization to capture the attention of Meteor’s customers. Upon opening the email, subscribers receive a tailored experience as the entire content of the campaign is based around them. This includes:

  • Number of years since they first become a customer (based on creating an account on the Meteor website) – This is displayed in various formats throughout the campaigns such as “Happy 8th anniversary” and “It’s been 8 years since your last purchase”.
  • Side image with candles and the number of years celebrated.
  • Displaying the actual date in a user-friendly format – This translates the date format in MessageFocus (YYYY-MM-DD) to read “Maybe you remember making your account back on the 5th January 2011?”
  • A separate block highlighting the purchase history – “Since then you have placed 12 orders with us”. If they haven’t placed any orders since, the text is replaced by “Since then you haven’t placed any orders with us. Maybe our special offers can tempt you?” The copy also translates if the last order was online or over the phone, and displays custom text to suit.
  • A block showing when the customer has last visited the website (login required) – “The last time you visited us and logged into your account was the 16th of January 2016”.
  • flexible discount code displayed as text and image, varying based on the type of customer (trade or retail as indicated in Meteor’s CRM system). MessageFocus then handles some of these data fields and outputs the personalization in the campaign.

The Results

By using conditional content, the integration capabilities of MessageFocus and taking advantage of the wealth of data Meteor had collected, Infinity Nation has created a truly personalized email for Meteor customers, some of whom may not have made a purchase in years.

This has resulted in a very successful campaign that has significantly increased their results, as this campaign achieved a 177% higher open rate than regular newsletters.

What’s more, this campaign shows what innovation in email look like – a truly one-to-one communication all marketers should strive for. From subject line to images, to content, each area targets the customer based on the client data collected and their behavioral patterns.

In terms of impact on the bottom line, this campaign brought Meteor an average revenue of £106 per re-engaged customer.