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Kano engages a new generation of coders with Adestra

Discover how Kano created a cross-channel campaign to drive event awareness and increase site registrations.

How do you get young people excited about a learning opportunity?

Kano wants to create a future where anyone can learn coding

Only 40% of schools in the US teach Computer Science – and only 1% of people can understand devices and modify them. Kano’s mission is to increase technological literacy by empowering more young people to learn coding. But to do that, they needed to raise awareness of their mission, their products, and the Kano World community. If they could get kids more engaged, they could encourage them to give coding a try.

Awareness, engagement, and a huge spike in registrations

Kano created a Street Art Competition to recruit new users to register on Kano World, and promoted the competition using the Adestra email platform. Kano ran an email teaser campaign to let people know about the upcoming competition, and subscribers were encouraged to sign up to be the first to know when the competition was going live. The campaign was a huge success with account registration going up by 93.6% year-over-year.

Adestra helped Kano create targeted and segmented emails

Kano wanted to raise awareness about coding, the Kano World community, its products, and its mission. Since children are the main users of Kano products, the team wanted to get them excited about coding, so they created a free-to-enter competition open to any age in any country. Users had to follow the step-by-step Street Artist challenges on Kano World and save their spray paint art creations. The winner would see their art painted on a real wall for the world to see.

Kano promoted the competition via email to their newsletter subscribers, via social (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), and using paid social and sponsorship. THey identified influencers from their target audience such as Crafty Girls on YouTube. And they sent emails to everyone who had opted in.

Using the Adestra email platform, the Kano team segmented the audience by region and again by existing Kano World users and non-users. For non-users, an introduction to Kano World was included. Further campaigns were sent to the same audience a few days before the competition was due to finish, giving people a final chance to enter.

To find out Kano’s incredible results from their campaign, download the full case study below.

Download the case study

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