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Motorpoint Arena supercharged their feedback with Adestra

With Adestra, Motorpoint Arena created impactful email campaigns to motivate customers to share their experiences.

How does an arena make post-event feedback more useful and actionable?

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham was gathering post-event feedback using unresponsive, hard-coded emails that offered no incentives for replying. The event space wanted more insight into audience demographics so they could understand how events were performing and establish which parts of the customer experience could be improved. But collecting feedback was difficult, especially from younger customers.

Adestra’s Email Editor helped them develop mobile-friendly email campaigns

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham improved the design and responsiveness of their emails using Adestra’s Email Editor. The emails, which were designed to be fully responsive across all widely-used mobile devices, immediately improved customer engagement, helped the team obtain valuable feedback, and gave further insights into customer demographics and behavior to optimize the marketing of future events.

Adestra makes it easier than ever for Motorpoint Arena to collect feedback

Encouraging customers to leave feedback quickly – including incentives

Post-event emails were carefully designed following brand guidelines and sent to those who attended a specific event. The emails were engaging and responsive, with a clear statement encouraging customers to leave feedback on their experience via a short survey. The team also included an incentive in some of these emails, offering customers the chance to win a pair of tickets to a show of their choice.

By motivating customers to share their experiences, the Motorpoint Arena has seen a significant improvement in engagement rates. The Arena has been able to gather a higher volume of insight regarding their events, how their venue is perceived, staff performance and catering options, as well as their customers’ experience, demographics, and behavior. The team has relevant data it can use for attracting advertising and sales partnerships, offering customer discounts on transport to events, and is for quarterly and annual business presentations.

Find out the impact an improved feedback process had on Motorpoint Arena’s email open rate and click-to-open rate in the full case study below.

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