Success Story

New welcome program drives 15% increase in email-driven web traffic

Their approach didn’t allow them to track the performance of their welcome emails.


Beachcomber is a travel company specializing in luxury holidays in Mauritius, the Seychelles, Morocco, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


  • Be able to track the success of welcome emails
  • Increase the conversion rate of their welcome program by extending it from a single email to a series

The Challenge

Beachcomber were sending triggered welcome emails from their website to new sign-ups. However, this approach didn’t allow them to track the performance of these emails, and understand what these potential customers are interested in.

The Solution

The Adestra Professional Services team created a form for Beachcomber to embed on their website, and automatically feed new subscriber data into Adestra’s platform.

Then, using the Automation Program Builder, the Beachcomber marketing team quickly and easily created a three-part welcome series. By dragging, dropping, and selecting the appropriate campaigns and delays, they created the following program:

  • First email: thanks subscribers for signing up and explains a little more about their business.
  • This is followed by a four day delay
  • Second email: encourages subscribers to explore the destinations offered by Beachcombers, giving a little bit more detail about each one
  • This is followed by a one week delay
  • Final email: is more sales-led than the previous ones, focusing on detailed offers from four particular hotels in their portfolio.


With the Automation Program Builder, Beachcomber have more accurate reporting on their welcome emails than ever before. This includes individual-level reporting on contacts that go through the program (with a live counter of the number of contacts in each stage) and on their engagement (opens and clicks).

Their results are well above their industry average:

  • First email: 54% opens and 33% CTOR
  • Second email: 44% opens and 40% CTOR
  • Third email: 40% opens and 30% CTOR
  • The most-clicked links in these emails focus on calls-to-action around booking, with Mauritius as the top destination

Beachcomber now have better visibility into the performance of their welcome emails, and the ability to act on behavioral data.

They are now working on using behavioral data to personalize the content of future emails based on the destinations that their customers have shown an interest in.


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