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Saving Time On Building Campaigns with the Adestra API

How do you send more email campaigns without draining your resources?


Intent Media is an independent trade and magazine publisher within the entertainment and leisure markets. In addition to their magazine divisions, Intent Media also produces a number of market-leading events to support their titles including The Music Week Awards, The MCV Industry Excellence Awards and London Games Conference.


  • To automate as many email marketing processes as possible to cope with an increased workload

The Challenge

How do you send more email campaigns without draining your resources, or dramatically changing existing marketing procedures? Intent Media faced this particular challenge following a business acquisition, but today’s competitive market has meant all companies need to find a way to do more with less.

The Solution

To overcome the challenges they faced, Intent Media decided to take advantage of content automation to ease the strain on internal resources. This would leave more time for the team to focus on strategic, rather than operational decisions.

Intent Media integrated their website with the Adestra API in two different ways. First, they used the Data Management features to automatically transfer data between their CRM system and Adestra. Second, they employed the Campaign Management features of the API to automate content for, and launch their email campaigns.


Using a bespoke XML feed meant that they didn’t need to duplicate any content between their digital communication channels. Instead the information is transferred from their website straight into their email campaigns, saving the team considerable time.

  • Fully automated email campaign creation process
  • No increase in resource required

The flexibility of the Adestra API enabled Intent Media to outsource their campaign management to a dedicated marketing agency. Further efficiencies were realized here, as the agency were able to work with Adestra’s Project Managers during the API’s implementation stage, without the need for Intent Media to provide any additional IT resources.


“We send a minimum of 10 email campaigns each day (rising to 20 at certain times), across multiple brands, with content automatically pulled in from each website CMS. Due to the time-sensitive nature of much of this content (news-driven digests and newsflashes), reliability is key. Since switching to the Adestra API send failures have been eliminated and send speeds and have improved significantly. We’re looking forward to utilising more of the functionality offered by the API as we develop our email strategy further.”

– Stuart O’Brien, Group Online Content Manager


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