Success Story

Tailored welcome program achieves tenfold increase in revenue per email for pet retailer PetsPyjamas

The team knew they had to personalize and optimize the welcome experience.


PetsPyjamas is an award-winning pet lifestyle website featuring more than 10,000 pet accessories, toys and treats, as well as hundreds of bookable pet-friendly hotels, cottages and B&Bs, where your dog really is as welcome as you are.


  • Deliver a personalized experience
  • Inform subscribers of PetPyjamas’ different offerings
  • Capture data about their customers’ pets so they can tailor messaging

The Challenge

PetsPyjamas acquire new email sign ups from a range of sources: website sign up, a product purchase, competition or partner promotion. The team knew they had to personalize and optimize the welcome experience to make it work harder and convert more leads into long-term customers.

A key objective of the Welcome Program is to encourage more people to complete their ‘Pet Profile’ providing key information about their pets. To incentivise this, PetsPyjamas offer ‘PetPoints’ that customers can use to claim free gifts.

The Solution

PetsPyjamas started by re-building their Welcome Program from one-size fits all messaging to multiple journeys tailored to the customer source. The new program:

  • Starts by offering an incentive for the first purchase and includes a selection of the most popular products
  • This is followed by a filter with two distinct follow-up emails:
    • Customers who have PetPoints will be encouraged to redeem them and offered examples of products
    • Customers who don’t have any PetPoints will be encouraged to create a profile and start earning them by sharing data about their pet such as name, breed, birthday and postcode
  • The next email shares details about PetsPyjamas’ holiday offering
  • This is followed by a set of filters splitting customers into three segments:
    • those who have not used the discount code from the first email will be reminded of it
    • those who’ve made one purchase are given a discount off their next purchase
    • those who have purchased more than once are fed back into their regular marketing campaigns

Based on the newly-acquired data, customers receive breed-specific emails with selected products and images based on the particular breed customers own. These campaigns run alongside their regular promotional newsletters.


Compared to the previous welcome program, the new approach showed:

  • 50% increase in open rates (up from 40% to 60%)
  • 29% click-to-open rate across the program
  • 1000% increase in revenue per email

Not only that, PetsPyjamas were pleasantly surprised to see the revenue per email increase by an impressive 1000%.

The new program also gave them insight into the relative performance of data from their affiliate partners, helping them to focus on the right partnerships.

The breed-specific messaging sees an average open rate of 33% and a click-to-open rate of 45%.

What’s next?

PetsPyjamas plan to use automation to further improve the relevance of their emails and make processes more efficient.  They plan to include breed-specific dynamic content in their regular newsletters as well as the breed-specific curated emails. Personalized products will be populated automatically based on a product feed.


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