Success Story

Truprint improved customer experience and doubled their conversion rate with automated programs

Truprint identified a significant ‘fall-out’ between each stage of print ordering.


Truprint provide high quality photos and personalized gifts at great prices. An established brand with over 30 years in the business, Truprint have held firm to their values from the heyday of film in the late 80s right through to Instagram and Facebook prints from mobile devices.


  • Improve conversion rate from registration to first order
  • Improve conversion rate from single-buyer to multi-buyer
  • Cross-sell from prints to higher ticket items such as photobooks, canvas prints and calendars

The Challenge

Ordering digital prints is a multi-stage process for the consumer from creating an account, to uploading photos, to completing a purchase. Analyzing their website behavioral data, Truprint identified a significant ‘fall-out’ between each stage.

The Solution

Adestra worked with Truprint to design a series of lifecycle programs focused on meeting these objectives.

  • Welcome Registration – for new registrants
  • First Order Activation – targets new registrants who haven’t yet made a purchase
  • Post-Purchase Nurture – targets people as they receive their new prints and recommends cross-sell products depending on the number of prints that have been purchased
  • Winback – targets customers who haven’t placed an order with a discount offer. There are 3 iterations of the program triggered after 6, 9, and 15 months of no re-purchase. The program was extended from a single email to a 2-stage program.

Adestra assisted Truprint in the planning stages with a strategic workshop to identify key interaction points and data requirements, provide best practice advice and design the customer journeys. The programs were built by the Truprint team using the Automation Program Builder over a period of 3 months.


Comparing the lifecycle campaigns with the business as usual promotional campaigns over a 2 month period, the lifecycle emails saw:

  • 163% higher engagement
  • 100% higher conversion rate

This is despite far less reliance on discount offers.

From extending the winback program from a single email to a 2-stage program, Truprint saw an impressive 64% revenue uplift in the first month. They now plan to add a further email to the series.

By automating these journeys, CRM Manager Charlotte Reilly has freed up time to focus on strategy and planning. This includes optimizing the performance of the existing programs and designing new programs to drive incremental revenue.


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