Success Story

University of Birmingham use automated & targeted email campaigns to re-engage subscribers

Discover how The University of Birmingham used Upland Adestra to re-engage a database of over 5,000 people.

How do you find out what 5,000 subscribers really want?

The University of Birmingham’s Bramall Music Building had a database of 5,000 people they had collected over the years through various channels. They were unsure how engaged this audience was and knew very little about what events, gigs, or offers they wanted to hear about. By not engaging with these people, they were wasting an opportunity to bring in additional revenue and promote their services.

The solution? A multi-stage re-engagement program

The University of Birmingham used Adestra to reach out to its subscribers and find out what types of events they wanted to hear about. With Adestra’s Automation Program Builder, the University of Birmingham was able to create a multi-stage automated re-engagement program encouraging contacts to fill in their preferences with behavioral filters targeting engagement and completion.

Now the University has a newly re-energized mailing list

The re-engagement program started with an email directing contacts to a preference center form where they could refresh their contact details, and indicate areas of interest that they wanted to subscribe to or unsubscribe altogether. Behavioral filters would then assess whether the contact had clicked on the call-to-action, clicked but not completed the form or if they didn’t click, the journey would trigger three further stages. These included reminders to persuade subscribers to fill in their preferences or prompts to complete the form if they had already started with filters continually reassessing which path contacts should be on. If after three emails they did not complete the form, they were removed from the list altogether and no further emails would be sent.

Click-throughs are up, and the University can send targeted communications as a result of working with Adestra. If you’d like to discover their final results, download the full case study below.

Download the case study 

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