Success Story

Wolseley offer a seamless, multi-channel experience for their clients

With Adestra, Wolseley delivered integrated, personalized experiences across multiple touchpoints.

How do you communicate with customers who have vastly different needs?

Wolseley put the power of Adestra to work for them

Wolseley’s clientele ranged from casual customers who bought their products on an ad-hoc basis to industry professionals who ordered daily and demanded consistency. Getting this segmentation right helped develop content and messaging effectively for different types of customers. They now needed to find a way to deliver that content seamlessly and at the right time across multiple brands and channels.

Streamlining campaign creation for more powerful results

Wolseley took advantage of personalization tools to provide relevant product recommendations to customers. With Adestra’s help, they created a template to speed up campaign creation through set layouts and configurable modules – all easily updated within the Upland Adestra Email Editor. This resulted in a significant increase in the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

Wolseley was able to do so much more than cater to personas

They’re reaching the right customers with the right information at the right time

Wolseley worked with Adestra’s Digital Design team to develop a mobile-responsive template solution that could be used across their core trading brands. The aim was to create consistency across brands but be flexible enough to meet broad-ranging content requirements. Next, Wolseley started working with Adestra’s partner Fresh Relevance, utilizing their personalization tools to deliver relevant content across their websites and email communications.

Automated product recommendations allowed them to present their customers with products of interest to them at the right time, based on what they have browsed or ordered in the past. They used Fresh Relevance’s Popover SmartBlock to streamline the customer journey for large orders that involve specific multiple parts. When the customer is adding products to their order, a Popover appears on-screen with advice, helping to ensure everything they need is in their cart. Wolseley is also using Fresh Relevance for cart abandonment and targeted campaign emails, achieving a massive uplift in open, clickthrough, and conversion rates.

Find out the incredible results Wolseley’s efforts have helped them achieve in the full case study below.

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