Building your case to re-platform your website

Steps to take before you select a new Web Content Management Platform

You have a legacy Web Content Management (WCM) solution but it is holding you back. It is cumbersome and requires IT resources to make content and design changes, slows down your ability to implement digital marketing campaigns, doesn’t play nicely with your other marketing systems or the rest of your organizational platforms, is expensive to update and maintain, and is impacting the bottom line.

Now what? You have chosen a SaaS-based web content management solution like Clickability by Upland Software, and want to make the case to re-platform to your C-Suite. The new solution is intuitive, easy-to-use, liberates marketers to publish and manage their own content without relying on IT resources, has transparent pricing with low total cost of ownership, and has innovative personalization features that let you target content to audiences and move leads through the sales funnel.

So how do you communicate the top-level business need and your proposed solution? After all, chances are your legacy platform was expensive to purchase, had a lengthy and resource-intensive implementation and your C-Suite is not going to be thrilled that you want to replace it.

  1. Focus on how a new platform will drive growth and keep up with your evolving marketing needs. A SaaS solution like Clickability is focused on constant innovation with a cadence of monthly releases and features based on customers current and projected future needs. If your vendor is like Clickability, then the product roadmap would take into account your company’s needs and feedback which ensure that your needs are met as your business continues to grow. Clickability’s scalable multi-tenant infrastructure means that as your business grows this WCM can grow with you both in terms of your growing website traffic, content libraries, number of websites and mobile apps and in terms of the number of people on your team publishing and managing content. Whether your growth strategy involves moving to new channels and doing more mobile marketing or expanding globally, Clickability’s robust features and functionality are here to support your needs.
  2. Explain how the new platform supports better alignment within your organization and with strategic goals. Not only will a SaaS WCM integrate nicely with your other marketing systems and support your marketing campaigns, but it will reduce the drain on IT resources that labor-intensive, cumbersome legacy solutions have. This means that your IT department can focus on higher-order IT projects for the rest of your organization. Features like Website Marketing Acceleration and A/B testing will nurture leads through your sales funnel and turn your websites into lead generating machines for your sales team which means better alignment between your marketing and sales functions.
  3. Show how the new platform lets marketing focus on the buyer and the buyer’s journey. With a SaaS WCM like Clickability that has Website Marketing Acceleration capabilities you are better able to focus on the buyer’s journey and that’s what will drive bottom line results. With first-click identification, personalization and targeting functionality, you can recognize your buyers, better engage with them by delivering personalized and targeted content specific to them throughout the buying process, and push leads through the sales funnel.

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