Make Your Data Work for You with Intelligent Capture for InterFAX

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Looking for cutting-edge tech that will restructure your organization’s digital processes? Look no further than Intelligent Capture for InterFAX, a comprehensive cloud-based capture and fax solution from Upland Software.  

Our cloud capture and fax technologies team up to snag incoming faxes and send them to the right place while also pulling out key information. They’re like digital detectives, selecting the important stuff that will make your job easier like automating approval processes or reducing manual data entry. And here’s the kicker: they put everything in one easy-to-find spot, so your team can breeze through tasks without the hassle of typing or searching. 

What are some key features of Intelligent Capture for InterFAX? 

  • Secure content capture from any desktop or mobile device  
  • Fast and seamless integration with your existing systems 
  • Automated data extraction and image enhancement to ensure data accuracy
  • User-friendly dashboard accessible from any web-enabled device  
  • Detailed, ongoing fax traffic analysis that grabs relevant information and integrates it back into your application via API 
  • Enhanced cloud capture automatically determines document types and identifies related processes 
  • Method-agnostic capture, covering barcodes 1D and 2D, QR, and a variety of other formats 
  • Image quality controls, including basic clean-up processing, despeckle, de-skew, page auto-rotate, and blank page dropout 
  • Flexibility to convert documents into/from any format, including .TIF/F, .PDF and .DOCX 
  • Easy creation of text-searchable documents to boost efficiency  

Ready to get automated? Here’s how cloud capture works with fax. 

With any technological change or upgrade, we know there are a lot of features to consider, so we’ve mapped out some of the ones we’re most excited to chat about. Intelligent Capture for InterFAX has these components built in, ready to help you get more done with less effort. Your organization could benefit from features such as: 

Zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – automates the reading of forms and documents, using various methods, depending on the preferred approach and the information’s availability. 

Structured Forms – contain consistent information placement across all documents. Users can designate specific document areas to correspond with certain values. 

Dynamic Zones – utilized in semi-structured forms like invoices, which have a general format but vary between vendors. This technology conducts lookups based on the relationship with an indicator field configured to identify values surrounding key indicator fields. 

Pattern Matching – another method for semi-structured forms. It focuses on exact sequences rather than relational indicators and can be combined with dynamic zones to enhance accuracy. 

Confidence Indexing on Fields – involves calculations within the form’s engine to assess how confident the platform is in classifying and extracting information accurately. Confidence levels are categorized into three intervals: green, yellow, and red. 

Forms Classification and Extraction – smartens up your faxing processes by allowing Intelligent Capture to read and extract data contained in the message. 

Automated Indexing – associates document metadata automatically once the data is converted to a searchable text format. 

Drag and Drop – into any operation configured beforehand. This functionality allows for fast page re-ordering and document submission into workflows from the home screen. You can also drag files into a folder inside Intelligent Capture. 

Preview Anywhere – lets you take an immediate look at the document you’re working on from a P.O., queue, home screen, inbox etc. 

Fully Customizable – so you can create a home screen that works well with any job function or task. 

Intelligent Capture for InterFAX does the work for you. 

Ready to enhance your team’s efficiency with a robust solution that revolutionizes reception, processing, and redistribution of documents for easy-to-access storage? 

Intelligent Capture for InterFAX enables efficient document and image capture, letting you control your digital processes and effortlessly craft workflows through our user-friendly visual designer—no programming or coding skills required! 

  • Capture content from any desktop or mobile device and get it in the system easily and efficiently. 
  • Extract information, improve images, and ensure data accuracy. 
  • Forward to existing operations, applications, repositories, or send via cloud fax to recipients. 
  • Enable staff to capture documents and images from any device with our user-friendly, accessible-anywhere interface. 
  • Analyze your document data with dynamic graphics, customizable widgets, and centralized dashboards. 
  • Create infinite custom workflow configurations for common and complex business processes. 
  • Automatically place specific data from the document into its corresponding fields. 

Future-proof your business with emerging technology. 

By tapping in to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), our cloud capture and fax solution can decipher various elements, including barcodes, forms, and handwritten notes within faxed documents. Any unidentified data is promptly flagged for manual review by staff, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, ISO 27001 accredited, and PCI DSS Level 1 certified. 

Utilizing OCR detects and extracts content, eliminating the need for manual input and ensuring precision. By converting faxes and forms into searchable text formats, OCR enables easy document retrieval and association of metadata. 

Wrap Up 

Intelligent Capture for InterFAX equips your team with secure, user-friendly capture, fax, and routing technology that flawlessly integrates with your existing systems. Transmit digital data instantly to enhance service delivery and mitigate clerical errors. Boost productivity by minimizing time spent on administrative tasks, reducing costly errors, and enabling swift access to time-critical documents from any location worldwide. By automating decisions on document classifications, data, and user assignments, Intelligent Capture for InterFAX has the tools necessary to fit even the most obscure business processes. 

Are you an InterFAX customer who’s interested in Intelligent Capture capabilities? Reach out to your Account Executive today! 

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