Can Corporate Financial Systems Meet Your ITFM Needs?

Enterprise financial systems may limit your ability to run it as a business.

Your enterprise may have invested in IBM® Cognos Analytics, SAP® BusinessObjects Business Run IT as a BusinessIntelligence Suite or Oracle® Hyperion Financial Management. These corporate financial systems, however, fall short in their ability to provide value to CIOs that “run IT like a business.” Every business owner wants to understand the cost of the products and services they deliver to their customers. Upland ComSci provides this visibility to the CIO, the business owner of IT. With Upland ComSci, you’ll focus solely on the successful outcomes of IT. Your conversations with the line of business owners will become more strategic and less tactical.

The Upland ComSci ITFM solution is specifically designed to help IT run more like a business, and enhance your investment in corporate financial systems.

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